Connie and Robert are Getting serious about Digital...

OK, it might be excessive, but this is Alaska!

Robert and Connie decided after ten years, it was time to do digital photos right. Save them on CD and save the film and processing costs. On the last Alaska trip we were in the photo lab everyday (OK, the lab in the "Fred Meyers" in Anchorage). The photos were great, but lots of expense, hassle and logistics.

We began our digital revolution with a couple of 1MP cameras. Not too good. Bob got a small Sony 2MP point and shoot that was handy and gave good results. Robert gave Connie a 4MP Sony with zoom and it delivers good photos, it is easy to use and carry.

Now, as we head  in to Alaska again, we have two Nikon D70 bodies 6.1 MP.  One has the really wide 12mm to 24mm zoom. The other D70 has the ED-VR 80mm-400mm zoom. We equipped both with "fast" 1 GB CF cards. We will also bring some more modest CF cards and a direct CF to CD burner.  OK, we got two fast 2GB Scandisk cards and a 2GB micro drive. Each photo is about 1MB, so the memory goes fast.

Connie's laptop accepts memory sticks, CF , et. all directly, so that will be our access to the outside world.

Nikon D70 review.

We did look at the Canon D-Rebel too. (You have to hold both and feel/see the difference).

We will bring a Panasonic DV Camcorder with SD memory photo ability as well.

We have Adobe Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements for editing.

Adobe makes some great software, but it has some fatal flaws too. It loads really SLOW. It has lousy compatibility.  Go from "whatever" to PDF, Easy. Go from PDF to anything else, hard. Want to crash your browser, use PDF.

Some 2MP Sony shots will be posted as well.

*MP=Mega Pixel
**MB= Mega Byte
***GB= Gigabyte