June/July 2005

Robert and Connie, Charlie and Jenny embark on Alaska 2005 journey.

Charlie and Jenny, Robert and Connie invite you to join our 2005 vacation to Alaska. Robert and Connie will go to Denali National Park for a week and then meet Charlie and Jenny for a Princess cruise up the inside passage.

We hope to provide a photo and text summary of each of our days. Special requests and communication will be limited by internet availability. We are in cabin C421.

E-Mail requests to


Princess Ship Cameras! (We are on the Diamond Princess)


  *** We are back home. Why no updates? The Princess Cruise stated that we had free Internet included with our suite (C421). Great, we planned and had web updates ready to go up on a daily basis. The reality: Princess provided no access in our room, we had to use the "internet cafe or library." Use our PC? an extra charge. Upload/download files, not permitted. Hence, no ability to provide a current log. I apologize.


 It is about 11 P.M. Alaska Time and we are at the end of day four (at Fairbanks) and at our first internet connection. As I am tired, I will save the stories. (Yes, there are stories.) As a way to let you know that we are alive, I will post a few photos. We made friends on the train, saw caribou, wolves and moose in Denali National Park. We actually saw wolves hunting (chasing) a caribou!  I am posting just a couple of photos, with more to come when I have time. I apologize for not having the time to properly size the photos. Please do not try it on a really slow connection. The photos are in the  day 1-4 links below. BTW, The best story may be of Anchorage, Denali, Connie and Hotels! (I have asked her to write it as my version could be worse.)


Daily photos

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Day 1 photos *

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Day 5 photos      
Charlie and Jenny Arrive! and... Robert & Connie Back from Denali.
Cruise *** *** ***
Day 6 photos Day 7 photos Day 8 photos Day 9 photos
Day 10 photos Day 11 photos


Bonus Photos


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